Frequently asked questions

What happens to my old conservatory roof?

In the interest of providing you with the highest quality product. Every conservatory roof conversion we complete will involve complete removal and replacement of your old conservatory polycarbonate with a lightweight frame structure. How long does the job take roughly? On average we can complete your roof replacement within 2/3 days based on a 4m x 4m conservatory.

Is there a guarantee?
All conservatory roof conversions carry a comprehensive 10 yr guarantee to ensure your piece of mind of a worthwhile investment.

Is there much mess?
As with all work that we carry out our tradesmen treat the customers home with respect & cover all surfaces which may get dirty during the construction process. Some mess and disruption is unavoidable but our fitters will endeavour to leave the site as they find it.

How much will it cost?
Each roof conversion is normally less than half the cost of your original conservatory. Call us on our contact page or fill in our Contact form.

What insulation is used?
We use 70mm extra therm foil backed insulation within the joist cavity to ensure that your tiled conservatory roof is thermally efficient.
We also use insulation backed plasterboard to give a double thermal barrier. We can upgrade this further to the equivalent of over 200mm of insulation using TLX silver. Ask for details.

What are the tiles made of?
We use Shinglass which is the highest quality lightweight roofing material available and it comes in a range of colours.



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